You know the girl that everyone in your high school knew about, because she was a legend, like if she was around, you just knew something fun was going to happen? Well, that's Tami. Except that even kids in the surrounding school districts two towns over knew about her. She was just that cool.


And, lucky for us, she still is. Sure, not every adventure she's been on has been fun; some are a wild ride with crazy twists and turns, but they're all interesting, and when she tells you about them, you just want to hear more.


Tami has raised three smart, funny, and beautiful daughters. (And they all lived! And are now successful grown-ass adults!) After 26 years of being a single mom, Tami is a life coach, focusing on helping empty nest moms get their groove back after raising kids. So basically...she's professionally that really cool girl that everyone wants to be. (Except that she's the best kind of cool girl, one that will take you under her wing and teach you how to live your best life just like her.)


That's just her day job though...at night you can find her doing rideshare. Every ride is either a chance for a new best friend or a new adventure. She's been a rideshare driver for the past four years, and in that time, she's been there for her riders from breakups, to breakdowns, to having to slam on the brakes. One minute it's a party, the next might be a proposition, and all throughout the night there are lots of awkward conversations in between...but as long as your ride doesn't end with a cleanup fee, Tami is always glad to meet you.


Josh grew up being told to use his inside voice...a lot. It never really took. Moderation’s not really his “thing.” In the past he’s struggled with balancing too little (sleep) and too much (food, sex, and drugs), because when you find something you love, you just want more.

Josh’s three heroes growing up were Oprah, Cher, and Whitney. Charismatic, well-spoken, and fierce…all while being beautifully human? Check, check, check, and check.

That’s Josh. He’s not extra, but more. More fun. More heart. More swear words. The exact guy you want in your corner teaching you to love your body exactly as you are. By day, Josh is a life coach, focusing on body positivity, intuitive eating, and recovery through his Facebook group, Love the Package You're In

By night, Josh has been a rideshare driver for the past four years. It’s like life coaching in 10-minute increments. Each new passenger is a chance to connect with one more person. And like all good things, he can’t help but look forward to the next ride, and the next, and the next, always up for just one more. He loves the predictably unpredictable life of rideshare, where one minute you’re chauffeuring a rowdy crowd for a night on the town and the next you’re coaxing a dog across the street…until it turns out to be a coyote.


Tara grew up always being referred to as "Tami's little sister," and that's just the way she likes it. It's so much easier to be cool by association than to have to earn it by actually talking to other human beings. When Tami would throw raging parties in high school, you could find Tara upstairs in a quiet corner, reading a book. 


That love of reading checks out, because she's the kind of person who always needs to be learning something new, whether it's poetry, or woodworking, or podcasting, she's always got a new obsession, (or two, or three, or four...who needs sleep anyway?)


This is perfectly summed up by Tara's explanation of what she studied in college. She had a major in Journalism/Mass Communications with a Concentration in Public Relations and Advertising, and a Minor in English...Oh, and a second major in German, because why the hell not? But that wasn't quiiiite ridiculous enough, so she also got her Master's degree in Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin, just for good measure.


All of these degrees are serving her well in her current position of Stay-at-Home Mom. I'm sure her tooth brushing ad campaign is on the verge of reaching its target audience any day now. Sure, her husband, Mark, has taken her off of the "getting to bed at a reasonable time" account, but she's really cornered the market on bedtime stories in her territory.


Mark is a quiet guy, who likes to watch a conversation unfold. And he has the patience of a saint. He'll listen to a person ramble on for 45 minutes, laboriously detailing every facet of their day. (His wife...the rambling person is always his wife, Tara.) And at the end of the 45 minute saga, he'll always have the absolute perfect quip. A succinct sentence, that sums up the core of that whole diatribe in 20 words or less, and manages to be witty too.


Mark is funny and sexy and clever, and a fucking rockstar at karaoke. You might be tempted to hate him for it, except that he's just so darn nice. He's got a varied set of hobbies and spends his free time golfing, baking bread, and experimenting with new operating systems on his one million laptops (oh, and watching computer sales for bargains on laptops..that's definitely a hobby. You never know when a deal will be too good to pass up.)


Of course, Mark also has a day job. He's an IT Manager with over 20 years of experience. So when he tells you to turn it off and back on again, you know it's coming from a professional.

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